Ear training : relative and perfect pitch


  • Perfect pitch is the ability of recognizing the pitch or name of the notes by the tune color recognition or awareness
  • Relative pitch is the ability of recognizing the notes by their confront; this is the ability of recognizing the distance between the notes, the so called “interval”
  • Ear training means to train and develop his own ear, that is the practice of recognizing the notes and other exercises to develop the sense of musical color and the relation among the sounds.

ear training : perfect pitch

Ear training : perfect pitch theories

The words “perfect pitch” and “absolute pitch” provoke a sense of glamour and mystery in a musician. Sincerely, it has also provoked so much positive envy to me towards whoever has this ability. Perfect pitch is a not only genetic gift developing in the first childhood years, a person has to go in for it; it can be hardly learned as an adult with a will many people could do it. In these pages, I am publishing precise exercises in order to learn how to get perfect pitch; I have dedicated 4 years of my life to this aim. Also if I have not acquired perfect pitch, my ear has developed very much.

Relative pitch and ear training

Relative pitch is more important than perfect pitch, according to many persons; I think they are both important.

Developing relative pitch is much clearer. It is the ability of putting sounds in relation of giving a harmonic and melodic sense to them; it is the ear musicality, the hearing harmonic sense. I have prepared precise and tested exercises for it too. Just remember that this is of great help in order to get a perfect pitch.

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