Perfect pitch: the tone color

Having perfect pitch is the ability of recognizing sounds colors. This color is the sonorous quality distinguishing every single note. For example C has a different color than A; I can say that C has a “darker” and more serious than A, which I bluer and clearer on the contrary.
It is not simple to express the sonorous color of every note perfectly in words.
Many people cannot even perceive it.
So to develop the perceptive faculty of distinguish the sounds color is to develop perfect pitch.

perfect pitch

Different levels of perfect pitch

Sometimes I can also recognize 30-40 notes continuously without any mistake.
In some moments, I can do the same with chords of two or three notes in C maj key. However, I am so far from having perfect pitch also because I recognize of these notes by relative pitch that is making a comparison to the other ones.
There are some persons who can also recognize chords with more than 5 notes and other ones can do it with two notes.
Perfect pitch is a way of hearing a perceptive faculty being different from relative pitch. This one makes a comparison, perfect pitch discerns between two colors and between two shades or sonorous “personalities”.

Can you get perfect pitch?

I think having perfect pitch has been natural for many children and teenagers as they got used to develop this ability, since they were younger. However, beginning when you are 20, 30, or older, is much more tiring and sometimes you never attain your aim while little children do it.
Anyhow if a student does not get perfect pitch after months or years of ear training, he has got, in any case, a very developed ear , which is able to penetrate music. If perfect pitch has not been got, on the other hand a very attentive ear to musical shades can be surely obtained

Conclusions about perfect pitch

In order to end up this preamble about ear training I think you can get perfect pitch changing your way of listening, concentrating not on the relations among sounds but on color shades of the notes. You have to listen so as by child’s ear in a natural and not rational way, being typical in an adult.
In these pages, I propose a series of exercises, which I created in part. The other ones are based on D. L Burge’s course who is the biggest teacher of perfect pitch. His “ear training super course” is really a world datum point to get perfect pitch and I do suggest you to buy it.

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