How to compose pop or jazz songs

In order to create a cd of pop songs, there are different passages:

  • composition of┬áthe melody and harmony of songs
  • lyrics composition
  • composition of the song structure
  • arranging or orchestration
  • deposit of musical scores and lyrics for the copyright administration and protection
  • study of the part to record and preparation for the recording
  • CD recording, mix and mastering
  • CD printing
  • Physical and digital distribution
  • Promotion and sales
  • Analysis of sale reports

compose pop song

Harmony and melody composition

This is one of the crucial moments of all musical production. Here you create the not so much unrefined song idea. Usually a musician creates songs with his own instrument: for example, when he plays piano, guitar, voice. Nowadays so much is created with a pc by using accompaniments, loops, samples, audio samples, midi parts and so on. I generally compose my songs when I play the piano. I suggest keeping always a pencil, a rubber and above all music paper next to the piano or guitar to write melody and chords straight off. In this section therefore I explain and give tips about composing blues, jazz or pop songs.

A particular importance is given to melody and musical phrasing that is fluency of melody phrases to create a finished speech. Moreover, I am publishing the most used and important harmonic progressions of pop music, we hear on the radio and television.

Do not be afraid to plunge into this wonderful world of creativity and artistic expression being the song. You do not need to have a particular gift to write very beautiful songs, which could be the top selling ones in the future. You need only passion and patience.

Necessary notions to compose pop songs

You need passion at the first. Then you need to know:

Do not worry: everything is or will be explained in this site and in other ones, I am creating; just ask if something is not clear.

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